We work with our partners to identify and recover residual value from their electronic waste streams, including reusable functional devices and components for spares and repair.

Reclaiming value from obsolete electronics

Obsolete electronics can generate additional revenue for your business. Electronic waste streams typically contain viable devices and components that can be reclaimed and reused in other devices or sold on as spares. Regener8 identifies, extracts, assesses and repairs these items.

High reuse rates reduce recycling costs

The reuse of viable electronic components and devices saves on recycling expenditure and raises resale revenue simultaneously. It also reduces energy consumption.

Collecting valuable devices and components

Smartphones, tablets, laptops and Macbooks, desktop computing equipment and network equipment all offer more value in reuse and resale than when recycled.

Training, logistics and security

Regener8 trains partner staff to identify reusable electronics that can then be securely transported to our facility where they are graded and data wiped, and the value paid to our partners.