Regener8 buys used electronics. If your organisation has a regular supply chain issue of electronic products, periodic overstock, obsolete IT or irregular small quantities of used electronics, we are interested in working with you. Please contact us so we can discuss your requirements and make an offer on your stock.

Overstock management

Regener8 manages excess stock from over-orders, sales variability or supply chain fluctuations. Integrate overstock into your supply chain management effortlessly with Regener8.

End of life assets

Regener8 collects, test and repairs end of life electronic assets, allowing you to access the residual value of your products.

We purchase the following:

  • Overstock (used, open box, brand-new)
  • 14/30-day return devices
  • Damaged devices and LCDs
  • Demo units
  • Mobile Broadband products (new or used)
  • Leasing returns