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Regener8 Group is an electronics recommerce firm that unlocks value in obsolete technology through ethical trade-in and buy-back solutions. We create value with impact: we stimulate a circular digital economy in South Africa that is both green and clean while driving economic value for businesses and consumers.

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Regener8 Group is a South African based technology company, specialising in sourcing, distribution, and the sustainable and ethical disposal of electronic and mobile devices, both new and second hand.

Through our strategic partnership with Foxway, Europe’s leading sustainability enabler in the technology industry, we deploy world-class solutions for the trade-in and buy-back of electronic equipment.

Our clients include mobile network operators (MNOs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), electrical equipment retailers and companies that rely heavily on electrical devices.

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As a leading recommerce player in South Africa, we enable businesses and consumers to manage unused and dated electronic devices. Our business makes it possible for sustainability and profitability to go hand in hand in the digital circular economy.