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Our vision is to create value with impact. We believe in making a positive change in digital life by maximizing the lifespan of technology along with affordable access to it.

We aim to stimulate the digital circular economy in South Africa through ethical trade-ins and buy-back solutions while reducing the amount of unused technology going into landfills.

Our strategic partnership

Foxway is Europe’s leading sustainability enabler in the technology industry.

Through our partnership with Foxway, we hold the exclusive license to deploy their solutions in southern Africa. Regener8 has implemented trade-in and buy-back solutions in retail, online, and with mobile network operators (MNOs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in South Africa. Our relationship with Foxway ensures access to an extensive European footprint as well as global sales channels, experience, and case studies.

How Regener8 works

All devices sourced go through our rigorous testing process and receive a complete data wipe at our processing facility. We recover as much value as possible through repairing and refurbishing devices which then can go on to live multiple lives. Components or e-waste that has reached its end-of-life enter our recycling chain ensuring ethical and accountable recycling in compliance with regulatory guidelines and requirements.

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We are a team of committed and passionate people working to make the technology industry greener and more sustainable. Whether you’re working with our customers, increasing our direct sales, or refurbishing electronics, each employee is invaluable in achieving our goal.

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